Tuesday, May 11, 2010

recent furniture find

surprised josh with this piece of furniture from black & white in the heights


  1. lurve it! where did you find this gem? did you get any gem sweaters bu chance? you are sew crazy! and yes, i'll present a few.... i'll send you my slides when i get them done by next week so i can get feedback! lylas

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the pop of colors!
    Frank @

  3. thank you for the comments...

    manuel- got it from a resale shop on yale st. they mainly carry mid-century furniture. yes, please do send me the slideshow!

    allthingsrosie- I know, isn't it great?! It was under $200 which is even more exciting!

    abodewell- thanks frank. there was a door covering the drawers, so i removed it.

  4. I think that I might have to check out black & white this weekend! Wonderful find!

  5. Lauren- hope you find something!!! It can be hit or miss just like any place. It's between 15th and 16th on Yale ;)