Thursday, April 30, 2009

judge a book by its cover

i will admit, i am a complete sucker

camera 2...

camera 2
me and my poor little white car
{i meet with the adjuster tomorrow and promise to put this to rest, but for one last laugh}

chimey chimey

some of my favorite nelson clocks

Caycee is all over the place

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

can i get a witness?!

Yesterday, in the parking garage trying to leave work, a woman driving a red Dodge truck plowed over the security gate "arm" where I had just swiped my card (you can see the little white car on the right is me) and crumbled and fell on my car. You can see me reverse at the end and I started honking and made her stop because she tried to keep going. I was so mad, but it's really hilarious at the same time watching her plow thru it. She wouldn't report it to the building because she said she was trying to get home...hello, so was I. There is just a little bit of damage to my car and her insurance is taking care of all of it. So, never drive off if something like this happens...somebodies always watching.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A' la Carte

S T A D N O M A D E N ' S
A' la Carte
{ SHOP }

look at these vintage kitchen ads...seems like we lost track of where we were headed in a way.


medium: wood

Monday, April 27, 2009

operation respiration

instead of immediately freaking out about the swine flu (which is what i would typically do), i have decided to turn my worrying into a respirator design charette to raise awareness instead...not only to make light of the situation, but also as an opportunity to make these more aesthetically pleasing & exciting to wear. please let me know if you are interested in participating.
please send over your concepts (computer generated or hand drawn sketches) to

deadline for entries
12:00 pm (central time) Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

later skater

i think this couple is so cute and love their house and story.
{via: new york times}

in the zone

no zoning:
artists engage houston

this looks like an interesting exhibit.
may 9 - october 4

life aquatic

jonathan adler pitcher

barnacles by john paul plauche’

coe & waito jellyfish installation

n is for narwhal

felix rey for target

edie and me

we have been dreading it, but we gave in last night and rented marley and me. i was crying hysterically. how did people get through that at the movies? i still feel sick about it today. edie has A LOT of the same qualities of marley...master of being bad, scarfing down her food, jumping on people, taking you for a walk, pooping in the dog park pool (she really did), loving people, giving kisses, never leaving your side (she is laying under my desk right now), cuddling...just to name a few. edie has many other hidden talents too...

sew incredibly talented

caycee and her friends modeling her line

caycee and wendi black

we were so excited to go to the premier of Caycee's Fall 09' collection here in houston. a houston native, caycee moved to nyc @ 18 to attend parsons fashion design school. after graduation, she worked for club monaco, tibi, georgette (she was featured in lucky sept 2008 issue) and now caycee black. it was great to visit with her, her family and get a chance to see her hard work pay off. at only 28, she definitely has a clear path of where she is heading. her clothing line is absolutely amazing (wish i could post the whole catalog on here)!!! there were tons of orders being taken. all of the patterns are from her own watercolor paintings that she transfers into photoshop and sends to asia to get printed on fabric. she has a factory in nyc where her clothes are made. also, caycee gives her friend @ I HEART ANGEL LUST (this girl even makes hair accessories for gossip girl...pretty cool) her fabric scraps to make hair accessories for her pieces. congrats caycee! josh and i would like to come to your next show in nyc.