Friday, July 24, 2009

photos from our show

post limb table

clover table (limited of 1)

limb side



octagon table (limited of 1)



BIG thanks to everyone that came to the show. We had a GREAT turn out! It was so nice to meet new people and see some familiar faces as well. I was finally able to meet a couple of our blogger friends-Annie @ my ranchburger (thanks for taking beautiful photos) and Carolina @ carolina eclectic . We appreciate everyone's efforts in coming out to support us. A special thank you to the team @ DWR...the event set up was perfect, Dani's Catering...the food was delicious, JCS and St. Arnold's...thank you for making sure no one was thirsty!
Sorry if josh and i didn't get a chance to talk with you.
Please contact us for information on the furniture (product sheet & price list available) or just to lets us know what you thought and to get on our emailing list. We hope to have product shots posted on the website soon.


  1. congrats!!! y'all did it! i am so proud of you both! i wish I could have been there but I am glad my mom and sis went for me! they loved it!

  2. I just saw the link about the show on Carolina's blog, and I am sorry I didn't know about it sooner-- your line looks incredible! What very beautiful pieces. And how great that you are in Houston too!

  3. courtney- thank you! we really appreciate it. i have your email address on the mail out list, but sometimes it ends up in spam...anyway, glad you like. we are hoping to get postcards out to retailers ASAP. it was a party! wish you could have been there!

    manuel- thanks! lets discuss the coffee table tomorrow. can't wait to see your new place! tell your mom and sis thanks again...maybe next show we can fly you in or get you a bus ticket...ha

  4. This is so amazing and what a night for you two!! Congrats and it looks like a great turn out.

  5. I've never been to show like this. Looks fantastic!